Terms of Service/Use

Terms of Use

  1. The product(s) cannot be redistributed to any other person or community. without the express authority of Hamz Development.
    1a. Product(s) ownership rights can be revoked at any point once a sale is concluded if redistribution is to be found. Refunds will not be provided.

  2. The product(s) cannot be resold for monetary worth or exchanged as a transaction.

  3. Product(s) must not be tampered, altered or edited outside of a qualifying editable file (e.g. config.php) without the express authority of Hamz Development.

  4. The product(s) have a no refund policy. Ask questions before hand. (If a issue encounters and you request a refund please notify Hamz Development within a
    ticket so a solution can be agreed upon)

  5. Hamz Development has the right to refuse and cancel any order placed by the Hamz Development Store ("store.hamz.dev") for any reason.

  6. The product(s) can only be used by the Signing Parties Community. Signing Party has the right to change the community where the product(s) is used but it must be used in 1(One) community at any time and prior notice of community change must be provided to Hamz Development.

  7. Support on product(s) is not obligated by Hamz or his team, but support can be provided where possible. Support will also only be provided to users who hold the customer tags/status. (We are not required to help your developer)

  8. Do not be involved with leaking. Hamz development is NOT a BAN DATABASE. So please only report leaks regarding hamz products.

  9. Please make sure to view the requirements and documentation before buying a product.

  10. Product installs can be done. However we only support WEB HOSTING SERVICES for installs.