Hamz CAD In-game UI


# Hamz CAD In-game UI Introducing Hamz CAD UI - the seamless integration of Hamz CAD into your FiveM server, empowering users to control...

Credit Removal


# Credit Removal Purchasing this extension will allow you to remove credits from all of hamz products you have purchased. ...

Hamz Livemap BETA


A simple & easy use livemap for your server to stand out. This product is still in early development and more features will be released in f...

User Reviews

Product: Hamz Staff Panel 5/5

“This staff panel is absolutely amazing. like actually unbelievable. we use this on my server everyday and is such a great way to keep track of what players do what w”ZS

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Product: Hamz Forms 4/5

“The product is pretty good, I do see only a few bugs but besides that, it's a really good product. ”Smith❤

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Product: Hamz CAD 5/5

“I must say that this is the best CAD I have everrrrrrr used in my life. makes life so much easier when you dont have to give people departments and everything like t”ZS

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Product: Hamz Staff Panel 5/5

“ Hamz staff panel is one of the best things to happen to my server. took a bit for me to get it set up but once it was set up it happened to be the best. My staff l”Outcast Oppurtunist

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