Hamz Staff Panel


# HAMZ STAFF PANEL *A Unique FiveM Administration Panel.* --- **FEATURES** - Warning System - Kick System - Ban System - Commend ...

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This is an optional tip, since most product updates are free. This helps cover time spent and also keep me motivated! You get a cool discor...

Hamz Department Panel


# HAMZ DEPARTMENT PANEL *A Elegant Department Management Panel.* --- **FEATURES** - All Departments in 1 Site - Discord Based Permi...

User Reviews

Product: Hamz Forms 5/5

“Forms / Product Setup Just amazing Customer Service form hamz Knows what he his doing i would recommend him to anyone keep up the awsome work Hamz I would recomme”MikeGamingYT321

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Product: Hamz CAD 5/5

“I must say that this is the best CAD I have everrrrrrr used in my life. makes life so much easier when you dont have to give people departments and everything like t”ZS

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Product: Hamz Staff Panel 5/5

“ Hamz staff panel is one of the best things to happen to my server. took a bit for me to get it set up but once it was set up it happened to be the best. My staff l”Outcast Oppurtunist

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Product: Hamz Forms 4/5

“The product is pretty good, I do see only a few bugs but besides that, it's a really good product. ”Smith❤

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