Hamz CAD In-game UI

Introducing Hamz CAD UI - the seamless integration of Hamz CAD into your FiveM server, empowering users to control their RP experience without leaving the game or opening external browsers. With a user-friendly interface, players can efficiently manage in-game activities, enhancing immersion and elevating gameplay. Say hello to uninterrupted RP journeys.

Please note, this is not a standalone resource, you need to have Hamz CAD in order to use this resource.


  • Create a civilian character
  • Manage civilian character
  • Change your LEO/EMS status
  • Search for a character name's
  • Search for a vehicle plate
  • Search for a weapon
  • View a characters record within a few clicks.
  • See your active calls
  • See active bolo's
  • Discord based permissions

And much more!


  • Hamz CAD
  • Badger_Discord_API

Hamz CAD In-game UI — $20


JaredScar - https://github.com/JaredScar/Badger_Discord_API
FlawwsX - https://github.com/FlawwsX/erp_remotecalls

Required Item:

Hamz CAD